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Clarion Steel Products Group is capable of providing the Client with the technical and managerial competencies necessary for achieving the set objectives within an agreed timeframe based on its access to seasoned and dynamic professionals with extensive experience in Engineering Design, Construction, Maintenance, Installations and Procurement, its use of state-of-the-art technology, its commitment to product quality and excellent service delivery in line with clients’ expectations, and its vast experience in executing similar projects on behalf of a diverse range of clientele, as well as its extensive local knowledge.

Consequently, we recognize the need to deploy the requisite resource requirements in order to ensure that the objectives of the Client are satisfactorily met. To this end, we will leverage on the technical expertise of our associated organizations if required and intend to provide the Client with full complementary services throughout the execution of contractual projects.

In this regard, we believe that the successful implementation of the project should be managed by experienced professionals like Clarion who can deliver an efficient and robust engineering support system, which will serve as a catalyst for the rapid execution of such projects.

Our specialty covers:

1.        Engineering Design

2.        Construction Works

3.        Instrumentation and Controls

4.        Procurement and Logistics

5.        Facility Maintenance




14,Chegbeyeri Awani Street,

Off Ajamimogha Road, Warri,


10960 Millridge North,

Suite 107 Houston,TX77070.


15 Baishiqiao Road,

Suite 30233 Beijing 100873,


42,rue du Pavé des Gardes

F-92370 Chaville,


11a, Muller Street, South Kelvin,

2054, Buccleuch.