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Manufactured Products

We are specialist in the design and production of Physical Security Systems, Wire Mesh, Gates, Doors, and Chairs and Carbon Steel Pipes with its factories in Nigeria, United States of America, South Africa and China.

Security Systems 
     Our Security Systems are unique products that maintains a guarded display of visual screening balancing the need to delay and deter an attack. The finishing is vandal proof, rigid and highly transparent.

     They are widely used in Prisons, Airports, Malls, Schools, Mines, Sporting facilities, Homes, Power Plants/substations, Military sites, Government facilities, Manufacturing plants, Petroleum/Chemical Facilities, Roadways, Railways, Bus stations, Sea Ports, Marine Facilities etc 

Reinforced Concrete Wire Mesh 
     Reinforcing concrete mesh is the integral concrete structures component. Clarion Steel Products is a leading manufacturer of reinforcing mesh, as well as a supplier of concrete reinforcing wire products. We supply various of products as follow: reinforcing mesh, slab mesh, rib mesh, trench mesh, welded mesh, truss mesh, ladder mesh, pipe-line mesh, tie wire, steel bar, rebar support, reinforcement spacers and so on.

     Specialist in design, manufacture and installation of tip-up seats and they are fixed to the floor to suit any space that is available. We can also construct Fixed Tiered Structures which conforms to BS 6399:Part1:1996 "Loading for building" and BS449: "The use of structural steel in building"

Pipes and Tubes

We produce the highest quality steel products. Customers use our seamless standard and line steel pipe for a variety of critical applications, including the transmission of crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products, refining and process piping for the chemical and petro-chemical industries, structural members in the construction industry, slurry pipelines as well as water transmission line applications

Special Tubes and Pipes

Other Products

They include Steel Doors, Hand Rails, Water Tanks Stands, Gates etc



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