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Our team of engineers has carried out the designing and re-designing of projects which activities are guided by procedure in accordance with Standard

Engineering Practices which in many cases are tailored to suit our Client’s guidelines. We utilize the latest technology to design, calculate and analyse projects for our clients. Basic tools deployed include: Auto Cad, Staad PRO and 3D Modelling to produce the technical Schematics as we customise technical drawings including specifications, designs and layout packages.

This they achieved by the following considerations during design:

         I.             Customer’s requirements and expectations

         II.            Recognized standards and codes

        III.            Regulatory and statutory requirements

        IV.            Available technology

         V.            Cost effectiveness.

Areas we covered include but not limited to:

·         Mechanical/Piping

·         Civil/Structural – Buildings, Roads, Bridges, etc 

·         Electrical

·         Process Plants

·         Utilities




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