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Clarion ® Model 9511 TIP-UP SEAT

Clarion Steel Products Limited is a specialist in seating planning, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance to suit any space available in a facility.

Our in-house Engineers, with CAD software application proposes deigns as agreed with clients’ requirements. On approval, our craftsmen fabricates and

upholstery the seats before fixing according to design specification.


Applicable for Auditoriums, Sport Arenas, Event Centers, Schools, Religious Venues etc


Key benefits


1.     Optimization of space due to standard dimensions and proper arrangement of seats.

2.     Acoustic properties that provides premium comfort to users

  a. Seat and backrest are made of open cell polyurethane foam

b. Back rest finished with perforations on upperpart.

3.     Maintenance: easily changeable pads mounted on 15 mm beech plywood backboard.

4.     Soft System: silent seat tip-up system based on double spring mechanism.

5.     Cushioning system prevents annoying bumps and noises. Maintenance-free mechanism.

6.     All seats are fitted with tip-up system.

7.     Fire standards: this product complies with international regulations.

8.     Stability: the distance between rows is fixed by completely fixing all seats to the floor with base plates.

9.     Safety: system to prevent turning and tipping of rows.





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