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Quality Assurance and Quality Control:

Since the establishment of Clarion Steel Products’ business activities, the delivery of superior quality has always set the company apart. This achievement has been realized through strict conformity to applicable national and leading international standards.

  • Clarion Steel Products quality management system is certified to fulfil the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.
  • To meet this unconditional demand for quality, CLARION STEEL PRODUCTS depends on both its highly qualified personnel and its first-class construction materials.
  • Having its own production facilities ensures consistency and reliability in material production and testing.
  • Quality of material and works are guaranteed through leading quality management systems, and all materials used meet international standards.
  • CLARION STEEL PRODUCTS has a proactive approach to project inputs; the company provides clients with optimized solutions specific to the project constraints and conditions.
  • CLARION STEEL PRODUCTS puts continual emphasis on research, development and innovation, across all areas and functions of works, including production and procurement. 


Health, Safety and Environment:

CLARION STEEL PRODUCTS places the highest priority on the health and safety of their employees, subcontractors and contractual partners, in addition to the people who are affected by their sphere of operations.

  • CLARION STEEL PRODUCTS has instituted a comprehensive Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management system to ensure full compliance with HSE policies.
  • Employees receive Corporate HSE inductions and regular refresher trainings.
  • CLARION STEEL PRODUCTS provides occupational health and hygiene programs, as well as a list of best practices for work tasks.
  • A “zero tolerance” approach to health and safety has proved to be one of the company’s greatest strengths, specific targets being:

-       Zero Fatalities
-       Zero lost time injuries
-       Zero recordable injuries
-       Zero long term occupational related illnesses
-       Minimize short term illnesses associated with work activities and working conditions
-       Minimize damage to property or the environment

  • Clarion Steel Products engineers encourage the use of green materials and state-of-the art energy efficient designs.
  • In the Oil and Gas sector, CLARION STEEL PRODUCTS operates under the strictest of conditions and controls for international oil and gas consortiums; CLARION STEEL PRODUCTS has a track record of successfully adjusting operating processes to consistently meet specialized HSE standards.
  • HSE principles are incorporated into processes at a very early stage of the project phase, thereby ensuring superior implementation.
  • Training is the key to preventing accidents and incidents. Our employees therefore receive extensive training on how to perform their duties safely, properly and in compliance with applicable local regulations and international standards.


Local Content:

In line with regulatory provisions, CLARION STEEL PRODUCTS has adopted a working policy in Clients Country of operation that affirms full acceptance of the Country's local content objectives, and is committed to the full implementation of this policy. Clarion Steel Products local content development strategy includes, amongst others:

  • Adequate utilization of Clients' Country professionals, skilled and unskilled staff in the execution of engineering based projects.
  • Implementation of appropriate knowledge base/technology transfer plan. To this end, CLARION STEEL PRODUCTS has developed a training scheme in which expatriates work together with indigenous staff during all project execution stages. Indigenous employees are exposed to training by expatriates here in Clients Country in order to foster knowledge and technology transfer for indigenous personnel.

CLARION STEEL PRODUCTS provides world-class quality services in a safe environment with consideration to host communities while contributing to the development of such Country’s' economy.



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